Citrus Hystrix / Kaffir lime

CHF 239.00
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Kaffir lime ("Citrus Hystrix") grown as a stem, already a very nice compact tree (cut back again after winter dormancy to keep the crown in shape and to be able to harvest very fresh leaves once again); evergreen citrus tree used in the perfume industry because of its oil; the fresh leaves are used in Asian cuisine - very fragrant and aromatic! 1/5 of the leaves can be picked from the tree every year without hesitation; potted in a self-mixed organic substrate; in spring 2023/-24 the tree can be repotted in a larger (clay) pot; not overfertilised, therefore very healthy and robust (quality before quantity!), not hardy, between 11. -02. in the winter garden at about 10-15C; then grown outdoors; never sprayed or fertilised - 100% organic quality!; Citrus are not "typical houseplants, i.e. they should stand outdoors from spring to autumn so that they can develop nicely; enjoy your new "Citrus Hystrix"!

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