Cycas Revoluta

CHF 272.00
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Beautiful palm fern - Cycas revoluta from my own collection; grown over several years in a species-appropriate way (overwintered between 03-11. outdoors and in the winter garden at about 15C); in spring 2020 the Cycas was repotted into fresh - self-mixed organic substrate in a clay pot, i.e. the next 3-5years the plant does not need to be repotted; not winter-hardy; grown very nicely symmetrically; not over-fertilised therefore top healthy and robust (quality before quantity!), grown slowly (usually the new leaves come out every, or every second year! ), slow growing (usually the new leaves come every, respectively every second year), suitable for sunny terrace or balcony; Cycas is not a "typical" houseplant - it needs LOTS of light so that the new leaves can unfold/develop naturally as it grows; enjoy this beautiful Cycas revoluta (please ONLY if you can provide the appropriate conditions for the plants for the coming years, thank you)!
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