Cycas Revoluta

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Cycas revoluta - "Palm fern" - grown fairly over several years from a small plant species, diameter about 40-50cm / height about 40cm, not overfertilised therefore top healthy and absolutely robust (100% organic quality before quantity), grown slowly, overwintered cold (at about 10-15C) and bright, winter hardy to a certain extent (up to -5C; with possible frost damage to the leaves), potted in a permeable self-mixed organic substrate; repotting only desired in 2-3 years; easy to care for, sunny location; from spring onwards in the garden or on the terrace; Cycas revoluta is not a typical "indoor plant" - suitable for the balcony / terrace (up to -5C it can also overwinter accordingly - protected - on the house wall); indoors it absolutely needs sufficient light & sun otherwise the new leaves will be deformed when they grow out. .. enjoy your new Cycas revoluta!

You get the plant of the displayed size.