Cyperus Glaber

CHF 46.00
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This Cyperus comes from South Africa; it is a plain plant with a deep green colour. After flowering it produces many seeds, some of which can survive the winter and grow into new seedlings in spring.

From the division of my mother plant, beautifully grown strong rootstock; own propagation; sunny to semi-shady location; between 05-11 it can also enjoy the fresh air and rain outside or get its "feet" wet in the pond; repotting (and division if desired) only in 2-3years; should stand in water; not overfertilised therefore robust & top healthy (100% organic quality before quantity!), leaf length grows up to 70-100cm, not hardy; very grateful plants (also very popular with cats); 100% organic - never sprayed or fertilised; very suitable for rooms with dry air; enjoy your new "papyrus plant" - Cyperus glaber!

The mother plant is also conditionally hardy at my location (450m above sea level, south wall of the house) down to minus 10C with winter protection (cotton cover). The leaves all die back, the strong rootstock then sprouts again very nicely in spring. 

You get the plant of the displayed size.