Dioscorea Elephantipes

CHF 198.00
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Dioscorea elephantipes also known as "turtle plant"; from private collection; grown species-appropriate over several years; with already very nicely formed "woody" caudex; potted in permeable self-mixed organic substrate; repotting only desired in 3-5 years, not over-fertilised therefore top healthy & robust (quality before quantity), very slow growing/growing, grows basically from autumn to summer; from summer to autumn in growth pause (without watering!, thereby all leaves/shoots wither); fertilize very carefully; height/diameter acc. to photo; for a sunny location; much joy with your new "turtle plant" - Dioscorea elephantipes!

Please ONLY if you - can offer the appropriate conditions of the plants for the coming years, - are seriously interested in the plant, and - have the necessary knowledge concerning plant care. Thank you!
You get the plant of the displayed size.