Dypsis decaryi / triangle palm tree

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Dypsis decaryi also known as "triangle palm", originating from Madagascar; trunk forming; grown from seed; current diameter of the palm crown about 30-40cm, height - from pot edge - about 120cm, trunk thickness about 5cm, not overfertilised therefore top healthy and robust (100% organic quality before quantity!), grown slowly, between 04.-10. always grown outside; needs a FULL sunny location; ideal for a winter garden not tempered in winter; in the wild the palm can reach a height of 15 metres; in houseplant always very-very rare; the main trunk forms a triangular shape in cross-section - this shape has given the palm its common name.

Prefers full sun and regular watering, but is not sensitive to occasional drought and partial shade; overwatering and poor drainage are far greater dangers than drought.

Enjoy your new triangle palm - Dypsis decaryi !

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