Echinocactus Grusonii

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Echinocactus grusonii - also known as "Mother-in-law seat or Gold ball cactus"; with a diameter of 25cm or 12cm; from my own cactus collection; grown slowly over several years from a small plant; not a greenhouse cultivar; as a cactus for a (very) sunny location / avoid waterlogging; not overfertilised, therefore top healthy and robust (100% organic quality before quantity!); potted in self-mixed permeable organic substrate in a high quality clay pot; repotting only desired in 3-4 years; slow growing; winter dormancy desired; a "statement" / collector plant as a "life companion"; PLEASE only if you have serious interest in the plant and the suitable location; much joy with your ninth Echinocactus grusonii!

Originally from Mexico, especially from areas in the states of Hidalgo and Querétaro; by the way, the botanical species name "grusonii" is said to be a reference to the Magdeburg entrepreneur and inventor Hermann Gruson (1821-1895), who owned the largest cactus collection in Europe at his time. In 2008, the mother-in-law's seat was voted Cactus of the Year.

You get the displayed plant.