Ficus petiolaris in the bonsai bowl

CHF 91.00
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Ficus petiolaris - grown as a bonsai - originating from Mexico; also known as "stone fig"; with beautifully pronounced pink/burgundy and coloured veins on the mature leaves; already with a beautiful trunk caudex; plant grown in the winter garden from own plant collection; very elegant and decorative; can be grown as a bonsai tree; potted in a self-mixed, well-drained organic substrate (repotting in 3-4 years is desirable); not over-fertilised, therefore top healthy and robust (100% organic quality before quantity!); not hardy; for a bright location (genre also directly at the window), 1x a month to shower off the leaves is very good for the plant; much joy with your new Ficus petiolaris!

You get the displayed plant.