Hoya Pubicalyx Royal Hawaiian Purple - CUTTING

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Introducing Your Unique Hoya Pubicalyx Royal Hawaiian Purple Cutting!

Behold, a remarkable opportunity to grow your very own Hoya Pubicalyx Royal Hawaiian Purple! We present to you a beautiful, strong head cutting, approximately 10cm in length, precisely as depicted in the accompanying picture. Please note that the cutting will only be taken from the mother plant once payment has been received or confirmed for collection.

This extraordinary cutting is the result of the rejuvenation process of TOMs FLOWER CLUB's own organically grown mother plant, carefully nurtured as part of our exclusive plant and Hoya collection. While the mother plant itself is not for sale, we offer you the chance to cultivate your own thriving Hoya Pubicalyx Royal Hawaiian Purple.

Originating from the picturesque Philippines, this Hoya variety boasts dark crimson red and burgundy-colored flowers that are truly captivating. Additionally, its new leaves exhibit a stunning blackish hue, making each growth a unique spectacle to behold. With this exceptional plant in your care, you're sure to amaze friends and family with its exquisite beauty.

Hoya Pubicalyx Royal Hawaiian Purple is known for its ease of care, making it an ideal choice for both experienced gardeners and novices with a green thumb and a little patience. As it grows, you can expect drooping shoots, adding a graceful touch to its overall appearance.

To ensure the utmost robustness and health, our Hoya Pubicalyx Royal Hawaiian Purple is organically cultivated, never over-fertilized. At TOMs FLOWER CLUB, we prioritize quality over quantity, providing you with a 100% organic product. This relatively fast-growing plant will flourish under your care, rewarding you with its splendid foliage.

When potting this beauty, be sure to choose a well-drained substrate, preventing waterlogging that could harm the plant's root system. While it appreciates bright indirect light, direct sunlight should be avoided to maintain its vibrant colors and overall health.

Unlock the joy of growing your own Hoya Pubicalyx Royal Hawaiian Purple! Don't miss out on this opportunity to own the displayed plant cutting, which embodies the potential for a stunning addition to your botanical collection.

Join TOMs FLOWER CLUB today and embark on a rewarding journey as you witness the growth and beauty of your very own Hoya Pubicalyx Royal Hawaiian Purple. Get ready to enjoy the enchantment and elegance that this exceptional plant offers!