Hoya pusilla

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During the growing season, pendulous clusters of white to white coloured, pink flowers with a pink halo and recurved corollas are formed. Hoya pusilla is one of the more vigorous and easier to grow wax flowers, well suited for hanging basket culture or climbing a trellis or other support. The large leaf veins are quite pronounced on this species even on the top of the medium green foliage, and under cool, direct sunlight the foliage can turn rather olive green. It is also considered one of the more cold-tolerant species among the hoyas, although it does not yet tolerate frost. Some people find the flowers slightly fragrant, which is especially noticeable at night or very early in the day. Native to Malaysia.

...from the rejuvenation of the mother plant, own propagation; easy to care for, not over-fertilised therefore top healthy and robust (quality before quantity!), not hardy, also suitable for semi-shady locations, no waterlogging, please; planted in self-mixed organic substrate (the next 1-2years the plant does not need to be repotted); enjoy your new Hoya pusilla.

You get the displayed plant.