Hoya Rosita

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Hoya Rosita is a beautiful hybrid species, resulting from the cross between Hoya wayetii and Hoya tsangii. The plump, glossy green, oval leaves are edged with a dark, almost burgundy-colored rim. When the plant is "happily stressed" by sunlight exposure, bronze tones and red hues emerge. Plant Hoya Rosita in a hanging basket or elevated container to make the most of its beautiful trailing stems with multicolored leaves. It prefers a warm, humid environment with bright indirect light. Mist and water regularly, reducing watering in winter. Allow the soil to dry out between waterings; avoid waterlogging. 

From the rejuvenation of the mother plant (this itself is not for sale), own propagation; easy to care for; not overfertilised therefore top healthy and robust (100% organic quality before quantity!), not hardy, also suitable for semi-shady locations, planted in self-mixed organic substrate (the next 1-2years the plant does not need to be repotted); enjoy your new Hoya Hoya Rosita.

You get the plant / cutting of the displayed size.