Lemon tree / Citrus Limon Foliis Variegatis Sanguineum

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Citrus Limon Foliis Variegatis Sanguineum - LEMON TREE Variegata / yellow-green variegated - unique rarity

about 90cm high from the rim of the pot / 60cm diameter of the crown; potted in self-mixed organic substrate; repotting only desired in 3-5years; yellow-green variegated - each leaf is different; after winter dormancy (like every year before) freshly pruned back to keep the crown in shape and to guarantee fresh budding; already flowering and forming fruits.

The lemon tree should be left outside from spring (April/May) to autumn (October/November); not hardy; cared for over several years in a manner appropriate to the species; slow growing, organic plant (never used sprays); not over-fertilised, top healthy and robust, with a beautiful, pruned crown to keep it in shape, regularly flowers and bears edible lemons with a fine acidic flavour; the peels of the young fruits have green-yellow stripe patterns, when fully ripe they lose this grain and turn yellow. The flesh has a strong colouring and can be used for cooking, drinks and pastries just like ordinary lemons.

You get the displayed plant.