MicroCitrus Australasica

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MicroCitrus Australasica, commonly known as "Caviar Lime," is a unique citrus species native to Australia and New Guinea. Its fruit structure is reminiscent of caviar, with loose, pearl-like fruit and juice chambers, making it a popular ingredient in modern cuisine.

To cultivate this exquisite plant, it is best potted in a well-drained, self-mixed organic substrate, such as a blend of garden soil and compost. It's important not to overfertilize, as quality is prioritized over quantity with a 100% organic approach. Although not hardy, repotting is only necessary every 2-3 years to allow the plant to thrive.

MicroCitrus Australasica thrives when grown outdoors, particularly between the months of April and October. During the winter, it should be overwintered at around 10°C with reduced watering. This remarkable plant is highly appreciative and will reward you generously with its vibrant growth.

To maintain its compact crown and promote fresh shoots, it is advisable to professionally prune the plant in the spring. This ensures a visually appealing appearance and optimal growth. Embrace the beauty and culinary potential of your new "MicroCitrus Australasica" and savor the delightful flavors it brings to your dishes.

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