Monstera Adansonii

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From our own plant collection/propagation, already fully established, grown from young plants, it can grow up to 1m in length within a year, then you can already cut it back - if desired; not over-fertilised - therefore robust & healthy (100% organic quality before quantity!); no sprays/glossing agents for the leaves, no greenhouse cultivation; beautifully "Monstera"-like small leaves, small but fine, hanging shoots, planted in a permeable, self-mixed organic substrate (the plant does not need to be repotted for the next 1 year), for a bright (but not directly sunny) location, please do not allow waterlogging, spray frequently with water, not hardy; Enjoy your new "Monstera Adansonii" also known as "Monstera Monkey Leaf" or "Monstera Monkey Mask"!

You get the plant of the displayed size.