Pelargonium Caylae - CUTTING

CHF 23.00
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Pelargonium caylae - originally from Madagascar - to give away as an about 15cm long head cuttings (acc. to picture); this will be freshly cut only after the received payment; from the rejuvenation of the own biologically grown mother plant (acc. to picture; this is NOT for sale) from own plant / Pelargonium collection; in about 3-4weeks the first roots should come... do you have a green thumb & patience - then you can grow your own Madagascar - Pelargonium - beauty, Pelargonium caylae...

...not over-fertilised, therefore robust & healthy (100% organic quality before quantity!; no GWHaus culture), easy to care for, very suitable for a sunny location, no waterlogging; to be potted into a permeable organic substrate; beautifully delicate purple coloured flowering, fine-small flowers, not hardy; much joy with your new "Pelargonium caylae "!

You get the plant cutting of the displayed size.