Real laurel / bay tree / Laurus nobilis

CHF 67.00
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Real laurel from our own 100% organic plant collection; grown from side shoots of our mother plants; evergreen shrub / tree; can grow up to 5-10m high; already 3-fold branched at the bottom - these shoots can then be separated from the mother stem and grown as separate plants / small trees; the leathery leaves smell very aromatic; to be used as a medicinal and spice plant; basically always grown outdoors (only taken into the winter garden for a short time in winter at below -10C); not 100% hardy on the northern side of the Alps; grows very well and naturally; potted in a well-drained, self-mixed organic substrate (with its own compost); repotting only desired in 1-2years, not over-fertilised therefore robust & healthy, slow growing, with time it will become quite vigorous (trunk forming), the plant is intended for a sunny location, it is NOT an indoor plant; the plant is happy when it can enjoy the fresh air and rain outside; Enjoy your new bay tree!

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