Sansevieria Ballyi

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Sansevieria Ballyi from own propagation, originating from Kenya/Africa, small-growing form, which forms new side shoots/runners with aerial roots almost every year (these can be used accordingly for propagation - if you don't want a large sprawling plant...), leaf length around 10-15cm, not over-fertilised (100% organic quality over quantity! ) / no highly fertilised greenhouse culture, no sprays/glossing agents for the leaves, slow-growing, for a sunny location, no waterlogging... planted in self-mixed substrate specially adapted for sansevierias - repotting only desired in 2 years; enjoy your new Sansevieria Ballyi!

All my sansevierias from my collection (currently over 100 different species) grow slowly, without being heavily fertilised, with a break in growth in winter (with very little watering). As a result, the plants are extremely healthy, robust and simply look natural ("almost" like in nature...). Sansevierias are not hardy, as plants are intended to purify the indoor air and increase the oxygen content in the house...

You get the plant of the displayed size.