Sansevieria Kirkii Silverblue

CHF 35.00
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  • Discover the fascinating Sansevieria Kirkii Silverblue from my own collection of Sansevierias.
  • I plant my Sansevierias in a porous, self-mixed organic substrate, so repotting is only required in 2-3 years.
  • Admire the beautiful silvery and fleshy robust leaves, which are not overfertilized due to my careful care, making them exceptionally healthy and resilient.
  • The Sansevieria Kirkii Silverblue grows very slowly, but you can look forward to a new side shoot or main plant in the course of this year.
  • Please note that the Sansevieria Kirkii Silverblue is not winter-hardy and prefers a sunny location without waterlogging.
  • In my collection, you'll find over 100 species of Sansevierias, all growing slowly and looking naturally healthy due to minimal fertilization and a growth pause during winter.
  • I do not practice greenhouse cultivation and do not use any spraying agents, ensuring that you receive healthy and naturally grown plants.
  • Sansevierias are not only aesthetically appealing but also purify the indoor air and increase oxygen levels in your home.
  • Bring a piece of natural beauty and a healthy atmosphere into your home with the Sansevieria Kirkii Silverblue. Enjoy your new Sansevieria Kirkii Silverblue!
  • You get the displayed plant.