Sansevieria Stuckyi

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Sansevieria Stuckyi is the largest species of the genus Sansevieria; native to Mozambique (Africa); stiff, erect, cylindrical leaves (which resemble "green elephant tusks") can reach up to 2m in height; needs drained soil and reproduces very slowly, this Sansevieria can grow in any kind of light, from shade to full sun.

Offered is a side shoot with two leaves (1x 140cm & 1x 160cm tall); already forms two new side shoots (as per photo); from own propagation (division of mother plant from my Sansevieria collection), not over-fertilised therefore robust & top healthy (quality before quantity!), grown very slowly under organic conditions, not hardy; planted in a well-drained self-mixed organic substrate; it is a rare and unique Sansevieria species.

You get the displayed plant.