Sedum Dendroideum - CUTTING

CHF 13.00
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Sedum dendroideum, also known as 'Tree Stonecrop' or 'False Stonecrop', is a shrubby perennial succulent native to Mexico; forms a stem, can reach 1-1. 5m high; from own collection & propagation, can be cultivated as a trunk/tree, branches several times over time; to be given as a freshly cut cutting about 10cm long from my mother plant; should be planted in well-drained organic cactus substrate) substrate; not over-fertilised, therefore robust & healthy (100% organic quality before quantity! ), slow growing, with cold overwintering - white flower, for a (fully) sunny location; avoid waterlogging; not hardy, suitable for bonsai; enjoy your new Sedum Dendroideum!

You get the plant cutting of the displayed size (round 10cm).