Senecio Rowleya (string of pearls) ALBO-VERIEGATA

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...offered is about 30cm long, very beautiful, strong shoot with some roots (see picture) for self-planting; from own collection plant.

Senecio Rowleya (string of pearls) in the white (ie. The white (i.e. albo) variegata form is a great rarity; the shoots, which droop over time, have either fully white or only partially white variegated "leaves" - the globules; compared to the "classic" green basic form, the white variegata grows somewhat more slowly, with thread-thin stems on which there are small thickened leaves ("pearls"); easy to care for - for a fully sunny location, succulent-like; not over-fertilised therefore robust & top healthy (quality before quantity), not hardy; please pot into a well-drained organic substrate, avoid waterlogging; a "collector's plant"!

You get the displayed plant.