Sinningia Leucotricha

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Discover the beauty of Sinningia Leucotricha!

Sinningia Leucotricha is an enchanting plant with upright to ascending stems that sprout from a round base bulb in spring. The velvety, bright silver leaves and striking orange-red flowers make it an eye-catcher in any room. With stems up to 30 cm long and a bulb 6 cm in diameter, it is an imposing appearance.

Originally from Brazil, Sinningia Leucotricha brings a touch of exotic beauty to your home. Care for it properly and it will reward you with multiple blooms from late winter to mid-summer.

Care tips:

Water the plant regularly when it is actively growing and keep the soil slightly moist between waterings.
Avoid waterlogging by not leaving the bulb standing in water and ensuring good drainage.
Be careful not to get the leaves wet to prevent diseases such as crown rot and grey mould.
Place the Sinningia Leucotricha in a shady spot with morning or soft late afternoon light, such as an east, shaded west or north facing window.

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