Tillandsia Brachycaulos Abdita on plum wood

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Tillandsia brachycaulos abdita is a beautiful species of air plant within the Bromeliaceae family.

Key Facts and Characteristics:

  1. Appearance: Tillandsia brachycaulos abdita is known for its vibrant green leaves that can turn a stunning red or pinkish hue when the plant is about to bloom. This color change is one of the plant's most striking features. The leaves are silvery-green and beautiful.

  2. Flowers: This air plant produces small, tubular flowers that are usually purple. The flowers emerge from the center of the plant once it reaches maturity.

  3. Growth Habit: As an air plant, Tillandsia brachycaulos abdita does not require soil to grow. It absorbs moisture and nutrients through its leaves from the air and rain. For hanging, one mature plant tied in a moss nest on plum wood. (PLEASE do not plant in the substrate!) is offered for sale.

  4. Habitat: Native to Central America, particularly in countries like Mexico, Guatemala, and Honduras, this plant thrives in tropical and subtropical environments.

  5. Care: Tillandsia brachycaulos abdita prefers bright, indirect light and high humidity. Regular misting or soaking in water for a few hours once a week can help keep it healthy. It’s essential to allow the plant to dry completely after watering to prevent rot. During the summer, it can hang outside. It is suitable for terrariums of any kind (never sprayed or fertilized - 100% organic quality).

  6. Watering: This plant benefits from 3-5 waterings per month using decalcified or rainwater.

  7. Not Hardy: It is not frost-hardy and should be protected from cold temperatures.

  8. Fertilization: It is not over-fertilized, making it robust and top healthy (quality before quantity!).

  9. Propagation: This plant can be propagated through offsets, also known as "pups," which grow at the base of the mother plant. Once the pups are about one-third the size of the parent, they can be separated and grown independently. After flowering, it forms new side plants and continues to grow, becoming even more compact.

  10. Slow-Growing: It is slow-growing and comes from a private Tillandsia collection.

  11. Uses: Due to its minimal care requirements and attractive appearance, Tillandsia brachycaulos abdita is popular in terrariums, mounted displays, and as decorative pieces in homes and offices.

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