Trachycarpus fortunei

CHF 163.00
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Trachycarpus fortunei, "Chinese hemp palm" also known as "Ticino palm"; cultivated over several years in a species-appropriate manner, home-grown from a small plant; in a plastic flower pot (height/diameter according to picture), diameter of the palm crown approx. 50-60cm, height approx. 70-80cm (incl. pot), trunk thickness approx. 8cm, not over-fertilised, therefore top healthy and robust (100% organic quality before quantity! ; it is not a greenhouse or palm plantation culture!), slow growing, always overwinter outside on the house wall, in a protected location hardy down to -15C; you can plant out the palm in spring (end of July at the latest, so it can still grow well...); have fun with your new Trachycarpus fortunei palm!

You get the displayed plant.