Euphorbia Ingens Marmorata

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Euphorbia Ingens Marmorata is a species of plant in the spurge family (Euphorbiaceae) and belongs to the genus Euphorbia. It is also called candelabra euphorbia and is a popular houseplant because of its interesting appearance.

The plant has a strong, upright stem that can reach a height of up to 12 metres in nature. In cultivation, however, the plant remains smaller and usually reaches a height of about 1-2 metres. The trunk is covered in a grey or white marbling pattern, which gives it the name "Marmorata".

The leaves are small, round and sit close to the trunk. They are usually only about 1 cm long and fall off over time. The flowers are inconspicuous and appear in summer, followed by small fruits.

Euphorbia Ingens Marmorata needs a lot of sunlight and should therefore be placed in a bright spot. The plant is relatively easy to care for and only needs occasional watering. However, it is important to protect the plant from draughts and cold.

Offered is a very well rooted & grown head cutting of Euphorbia Ingens Marmorata; from our own succulent collection; planted in a well-drained, self-mixed organic substrate, the plant should only be repotted in 2-3 years, not over-fertilised, therefore robust & top healthy, slow growing (100% organic quality before quantity!), not hardy, beautiful grey-milk-white colouring; for a (very) sunny location, no waterlogging, please!; enjoy your new Euphorbia Ingens Marmorata!

Did you know that?
The botanical name Euphorbia is derived from Euphorbos, the Greek physician from the 1st century AD. In 1753, the botanist and taxonomist Carl Linnaeus gave the entire genus the name Euphorbia in honour of this doctor.

And yes, that's right, euphorbias are not cacti, even though many of them look pretty much like a cactus.

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