Euphorbia Lactea Alba Cristata / White Ghost grafted

CHF 147.00
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...grafted Euphorbia lactea alba in the "cristata" form also called "Grey Ghost", from my own succulent collection; grown over several years; a unique cristata form will develop and evolve even more over the years; planted in a well-drained self-mixed organic substrate in a clay pot, the plant does not need to be repotted now for the next 2-3 years, not over-fertilised therefore robust & top healthy (quality before quantity!), slow growing (it is also very hard to propagate!), not hardy, beautiful grey-milk-white colouration with reddish tinge. ), slow growing (it is also very difficult to propagate), not hardy, beautiful grey-milky-white colouring with the red tinge; for a sunny/bright location; height/diameter - as per picture.

You get the plant of the displayed size.


Crests are exceptions; the crested plant is a healthy plant, but one that develops in an abnormal way. Cresting is therefore a spontaneous mutation, an abnormality of the vegetative apex which, instead of growing conical or cylindrical, flattens out and the plant takes on the appearance of a crest or fan with many curves, reminiscent of the shape of a brain. In fact, crests can be found in many different species of succulent plants. The crested succulents become true sculptures.