Alocasia Wentii

CHF 58.00
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From my own plant collection; one of my mother plants; from 100% organic cultivation, therefore of very high quality; planted in self-mixed permeable organic substrate and grown WITHOUT fertiliser, therefore robust and top healthy (quality before quantity!). The leaves will reach a diameter of about 0.5-1m in time; beautiful as a solitary plant; for the room, terrace or conservatory.

The plants like it warm and humid (indoors you can spray them regularly with lukewarm water). They grow best in the shade, although most species could also grow in some sunlight as long as they get enough water.
Between 05-10, colocasia can be grown as a container plant in the garden, for a sunny to semi-shady location; originating from Central Asia and India. Neither the plant nor the tuber is hardy!

You get the displayed plant.