Tillandsia Albertiana on Plum Wood

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Tillandsia albertiana is a striking air plant native to Mexico, known for its silvery-green leaves and elegant rosette shape. From our own collection at TOMs FLOWer CLUB, these plants are organically grown without greenhouse culture or over-fertilization, thriving on plum wood pieces. Designed to hang up (PLEASE do not plant in the substrate!), they are perfect for bright/sunny locations and can be hung outside in summer. Suitable for terrariums of any kind, these plants are never sprayed or fertilized, maintaining 100% organic quality. They are not winter-hardy but are robust and top healthy, with slow-growing dark green leaves. Easy to care for, the plant benefits from washing 1-2 times a month with decalcified or rain water. Tillandsia albertiana features red flowering and forms new side plants after flowering, making it even more compact. Enjoy this unique air plant beauty from our private collection!

You get the displayed plant.