Ficus Altissima Aurea Variegata - CUTTING

CHF 32.00
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Ficus Altissima Aurea Variegata - offered as cuttings with already two new branches, this will be freshly cut from my 100% organically grown mother plant only after confirmed collection or after receipt of payment; I now want to rejuvenate it; first let it root in water for the first 3-4weeks; then pot it into permeable substrate....

Ficus Altissima Aurea-Variegata: green-yellow variegata form with very attractive variegated leaves; simply great, elegant & unique, not over-fertilised, therefore robust & healthy (100% organic quality before quantity! ); has always stood outside since spring, therefore well hardened off; not hardy, light to semi-shade (no direct sun please); once a month shower off the leaves (or wipe with a damp cloth) does the plant a lot of good; beautiful specimen plant / an eye-catcher!

You get the displayed plant cutting.