Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis Cooperii Albo Variegata - CUTTING

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Hibiscus Rosa-sinensis Cooperii Albo Variegata offered as an approximately 10-15cm long very beautiful strong cutting; from the rejuvenation of your own organically grown mother plant from your own plant collection; do you have a green thumb & patience - then you can grow your own unique Hibiscus. The cutting is only freshly cut from the mother plant after payment has been received or at confirmed collection.

Red flowering; easy to care for, can be grown as stems, not over-fertilised therefore robust & top healthy (100% organic quality before quantity!), slow growing, not hardy; pot into a well-drained substrate; also suitable for sunny locations; no waterlogging, please!, enjoy your new Hibiscus beauty!

Hibiscus rosa-sinensis cooperii (variegata) or simply Hibiscus cooperii is an old hibiscus variety (and not a new hybrid as you might think); with stunning variegated leaves and bright red flowers; Hibiscus 'Cooperii' is a chic showpiece in the garden or on the house patio with its brilliantly coloured leaves in shades of burgundy, pink, white and green. For maximum colour intensity, the plant should be placed in full sun. If grown in shade or less light in winter, the foliage will turn green, but as soon as it comes into full sun it will take on vibrant colours again.

You get the plant cutting of the displayed size.