Yucca Desmetiana

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Yucca Desmetiana most probably originates from northern Mexico. It is only known from cultivation and could be a cross between Yucca aloifolia and Yucca recurvifolia or Yucca filamentosa. The exact origin is not really known.

Under the right conditions, yuccas are not difficult plants. They even thrive better with little care than with too much attention. Especially overwatering should be avoided. Ideal conditions for yuccas are sunny corners with relatively low humidity. Over time, yuccas usually lose their lower leaves and acquire a pleasant "tree-like" appearance. They grow relatively slowly and only need repotting every two-three years.

Offered is the unique plant (1/1) from our own succulent/plant collection; very nicely symmetrically grown; already trunk forming & white flowering; always grown outdoors, overwinter in dry location; not over-fertilised therefore top healthy and robust (100% organic quality before quantity! ); no greenhouse cultivation; potted up in self-mixed permeable organic substrate; repotting only desired in 3-4years; hardy without frost damage up to max. -10 (depending on microclimate), easy to care for, (very) sunny location, no waterlogging; enjoy your new conditionally hardy Yucca Desmetiana!

You get the displayed plant.