Agave Geminiflora in a clay pot

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Agave geminiflora (also known as "Twin-flowered Agave" in English) - this unique Agave has narrow, dark green, unreinforced leaves that are very flexible. These leaves, often numbering in the hundreds, drop down from the centre of the plant to form a dense, round rosette. When mature, the plants produce flowers that are in pairs on an unbranched panicle; drought resistant but looks better if watered a little in summer; hardy to about -5C; this species does not form cuttings.

The species name 'geminiflora', meaning "twin-flowered", refers to the pairs of flowers. The original habitat of Agave geminiflora is oak forests in the Nayarit region of Mexico.

...from my own succulent collection; species cultivated fairly over several years (with rest in winter); grown from a small plant, not over-fertilised, therefore robust & healthy (quality before quantity!), slow-growing; in a self-grown container. ), slow growing; potted in a self-mixed permeable organic substrate in a clay pot; repotting only desired in 3-4 years; easy to care for, for a (very) sunny location, please avoid waterlogging; (conditionally) hardy, until now always overwintered in the conservatory; gladly also for planting out (at the latest by the end of June so that it has enough time to grow well); overwinter in a dry location; much pleasure with your new agave beauty - Agave geminiflora!

You get the displayed plant.