Agave Gentryi

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Agave gentryi is a strikingly architectural agave from the Sierra Madre Oriental in north-eastern Mexico, where it grows at altitudes of 2300 to 2700 metres - and on some mountains up to 3300 metres - in the open or as an understory under pine and oak forests on mountain slopes. The large-growing agave can grow up to 2 m tall and wide and forms a symmetrical, very open rosette of broad, spiny leaves that are thick and fleshy, bluish-grey when young but turn green as they grow. It grows in almost the same locations as Agave montana, albeit at lower altitudes, and is exposed to the same cold, damp conditions - considerably wetter than agaves from more desert regions. It grows faster than Agave montana and has a much more open, less crowded rosette. It has a strong, vigorous, moisture-seeking root system and can either stand solitary or form offshoots, which are often very numerous.

Agave gentryi is an ideal agave for cold, wet climates and, with good drainage, can tolerate frost and sub-zero temperatures to about -10/-15 °C or less. Winter/rain protection in cold weather is advisable.

...from my own succulent collection; species fairly cared for over several years (with rest in winter); grown from small plant from my mother plant (as per picture - this is for sale in the separate ad), not over-fertilised therefore robust & healthy (organic quality before quantity! ), slow growing; potted up in a self-mixed permeable organic substrate; repotting only desired in 3-4 years; easy to care for, for a (very) sunny location, please avoid waterlogging; (conditionally) winter-hardy, until now always overwintered outside on the house wall in the fully dry; also happy to plant out (at the latest by the end of June so that it has enough time to grow well); overwinter in a dry location; much pleasure with your new agave beauty - Agave gentryi!

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