Clivia Miniata Citrina

CHF 40.00
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Clivia Miniata Citrina - 3 year old plants (according to the picture) of the pure yellow flowering "Clivia miniata var. Citrina" (according to the picture); which is in my own plant/Clivia collection, yes, it is not "classic" Clivia salmon pink flowering but pure YELLOW one, not overfertilised therefore robust & healthy (quality before quantity!), slow growing, not hardy, suitable for partial shade (no direct sun, please!); the plants will be freshly taken out of the substrate and delivered bare-rooted so that you can pot the plant yourself in a permeable organic substrate; from spring to late autumn (without frost days) the (adult) plant is happy when it can enjoy the fresh air and rain outside (in partial shade); otherwise showering off the leaves 1x a month is very good for the plant; enjoy your new yellow flowering "Clivia miniata v. "CITRINA".

You get the plant of the displayed size.