Clivia Miniata Orange-Green Variegata

CHF 117.00
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Blooming, fully established plant of the orange-green flowering "Clivia Miniata", which is part of my own plant/Clivia collection, a natural cross, propagated from my own seeds; the plant has developed a very slight variegated form (let's see how it goes from here...); in the early flowering phase (May) with a rare greenish hue, not over-fertilized, therefore robust and top healthy (100% organic quality over quantity!), no heavily fertilized greenhouse cultivation; slow-growing, not hardy, suitable for partial shade (no direct sun, please!); potted in self-mixed, permeable organic substrate, specifically tailored for Clivia (repotting desired only in 3-4 years) / Clivia likes it "tight" in the pot; from spring to late autumn (without frost days), the plant enjoys being outside (in partial shade) to breathe fresh air and enjoy the rain; otherwise, rinsing the leaves once a month (preferably with rainwater) is very good for the plant; enjoy your new fully orange-green flowering "Clivia miniata"!

You get the the plant of the displayed size and flower colour.