Cycas Revoluta Aurea / Golden Sago Palm

CHF 618.00
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Cycas Revoluta Aurea over a few years from a small plant type just grown plant, diameter about 50-60cm / height about 80cm (incl. clay pot), trunk width / height - according to pictures; the individual leaf tips are bright yellow / gold coloured; it is extremely exciting to watch this colour development when the new leaves unfold (basically 1x a year)... at first the leaf is fully green, then it slowly turns yellow (that's why it's called "AUREA") and at the end (after 1 year) the leaf tips turn brownish and give the plant a very specific "look"; not overfertilised, therefore top healthy and absolutely robust (quality before quantity!). ), slowly grown, cold (at about 10-15C) and light overwintered, potted in a well-drained self-mixed organic substrate in a high-quality clay pot; repotting only desired in 2-3-4years; easy to care for, sunny location; from spring onwards in the garden or on the terrace; Cycas is not a typical "indoor plant"; indoors it needs sufficient light & sun otherwise the new leaves will be deformed when they grow out (and that is not good for the plant and not good for your eyes anyway. ...); enjoy your new Cycas revoluta "AUREA", which is absolutely rare to find!

You get the displayed plant.