Cyperus Alternifolius - CUTTING

CHF 9.00
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Cyperus Alternifolius - also known as "Papyrus", offered as a leaf cutting for self-rooting; from my 100% organically in the garden grown mother plant, the plant needs a sunny to semi-shady location; between 05-11. it can also enjoy the fresh air and rain outside or in the pond wet her "feet"; plant in the pot without drainage hole; should be in the water; not overfertilized therefore robust & top healthy (100% organic quality before quantity! ), leaf length of the adult plant will be up to 70-150cm (depending on location; the less light/sun the higher the stalks...), not winter-hardy; very grateful plants (also very popular with cats); never sprayed or fertilized; very suitable for rooms with dry air; the leaf cuttings strike the first roots within 2-4weeks / until the plant is strong & fully established it usually takes 2years; will only be delivered after received payment resp. confirmed collection freshly cut from the plant - "fresher" does not go...; much joy with your new "papyrus plant"!

You get the plant cutting of the displayed size.