Cyperus Prolifer Cleopatra / "Dwarf Papyrus" in glas vase

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Cyperus Prolifer Cleopatra, also known as "ZWerg papyrus", is a vigorous, grass-like foliage plant with umbels that protrude stiffly from the centre and look like a green starry sky. The plant is very versatile, as it can be planted in sun or partial shade, in containers and in the landscape (but it is not hardy!), even in water gardens! It can even be planted directly in a pond, but the crown of the plant should never be covered with water. This umbrella plant is an exotic, tropical eye-catcher in containers or an eye-catching centrepiece in the garden. Although it is considered a water plant, it tolerates drying out in normal gardens and is also very heat tolerant.

From my own propagation from my fully organic mother plant grown in the garden, beautifully grown strong plant; sunny to semi-shady location; between 05-11. can also enjoy the fresh air and rain outside or get its "feet" wet in the pond; planted in a glass vase (11cm diameter) without drainage hole; repotting (and division if desired) only in 1-2 years; should ideally be in water; not over-fertilised therefore robust & top healthy (100% organic quality before quantity! ), leaf length up to 50-70cm, not hardy; very grateful plant (also very popular with cats); 100% organic - never sprayed or fertilised; very suitable for rooms with dry air; enjoy your new "dwarf papyrus plant"!

You get the displayed plant.