Oxalis Triangularis Papilionacea Fanny

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Simply stunning "Oxalis Triangularis Papilionacea Fanny"; propagated from the mother plant/rhizomes, easy to care for, the plant must be kept in partial shade (no direct sunlight, as the leaves can burn); over time, it becomes quite bushy with beautiful delicate white-violet flowers; planted in well-draining, self-mixed organic substrate (repotting desired in 1-2 years; then it can be divided if desired); not over-fertilized, hence robust & extremely healthy (100% organic quality over quantity!); not cold-hardy; between March and October, it can enjoy the fresh air and rain outside... during winter, it can be overwintered as a dormant bulb in a pot without watering in the cellar (and, of course, it can be cultivated indoors as a year-round houseplant...); have fun with your new Oxalis Triangularis Papilionacea Fanny!

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