Thymus Vulgaris

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Thyme is an aromatic plant that belongs to the labiate family and is often used in Mediterranean cuisine.

We offer a "THYMIAN TRIO", which consists of three thyme trees (between 25-30cm in size).
1x Thymus Vulgaris - green basic form
1x Thymus Vulgaris - yellow (i.e. AUREA) Variegata
1x Thymus Vulgaris - white (i.e. ALBO) Variegata

ALL three thyme varieties are perennial plants with small, narrow leaves and a strong aromatic scent. The plant produces small, delicate flowers in summer, which are usually white or purple in colour.

The plants are planted in a new pot in a self-mixed substrate (compost - sand - clay granules) specially adapted for thyme - repotting is only desirable in 2-3 years.

For a sunny location (e.g. balcony / windowsill). Thyme requires regular but sparing watering. It is important to allow the soil to dry out slightly between waterings. The crown should be cut back regularly over the course of the year

The plants are hardy, but need some protection from severe frost (below -10C) - simply wrap the pots & plant in a jute blanket & protect from snow.

Thyme is a versatile plant that can not only be used in the kitchen, but is also valued for its medicinal properties (e.g. as a cough tea).

You get the plant of the displayed size.