Tradescantia Pallida Purpurea Pink Variegata - CUTTING

CHF 27.00
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Offered is a 10-15cm long cutting (with about 4-5 leaf layers) of Tradescantia Pallida Purpurea Pink Variegata from a non-treated mother plant from my own plant collection (see picture; the mother plant itself is not for sale), simply put it into water for 1-2 weeks to let the cutting root or pot it directly into the substrate); will only be cut fresh from the plant after payment has been received or confirmed collection - you can't get "fresher" than that...

Tradescantia Pallida Purpurea Pink Variegata from our own 100% organic propagation, easy to care for, the plant must be in a fully sunny position to develop / or keep the purple coloured leaves, otherwise the discolouration will disappear.... otherwise discolouration reverts to dark green, drooping shoots over time, with a unique & rarer pink panashcation / variegation; not overfertilised therefore robust & top healthy (100% organic quality before quantity!); no sprays / glossing agents for the leaves; not hardy, enjoy your new unique beauty Tradescantia Pallida Purpurea Pink Variegata!

You get the plant cutting of the displayed size.