Zamia Furfuracea

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Zamia furfuracea - over several years from a small plant species fair and 100% organically grown plant, diameter vo caudex/stem about 10cm, not overfertilised therefore top healthy and absolutely robust (organic quality before quantity!). ), slowly grown, cold (at about 10-15C) and light overwintered, in a permeable self-mixed organic substrate freshly repotted in spring 2022; repotting only desired in 3-4years; easy to care for, sunny location; from spring (until the first frost days) in the garden or on the terrace; Zamia furfuracea is not a typical "indoor plant"; in the room it absolutely needs sufficient light & sun otherwise the new leaves will be deformed when they grow out... enjoy your new Zamia furfuracea!

Zamia furfuracea, also called poplar palm, poplar plant or Jamaican sago, is a cycas plant native to the coastal mountains and sandy limestone cliffs of Veracruz, Mexico. The stiff, slightly arching fronds consist of up to 13 pairs of opposite leaflets and arise from a central crown. The leathery, elongated to oval leaflets have a somewhat coarse, fluffy texture reminiscent of cardboard. The short, sturdy stem can grow above or partly below ground. The female plants form cones that need pollen from the cones of the male plants for fertilisation. Bright orange, fleshy seeds ripen on the fertilised female cones.

Did you know?

The genus name derives from "zamiae", an incorrect rendering in some of Pliny's texts for azaniae, referring to pine cones.

The specific epithet "furfuracea" means grubby or mealy, in reference to the surface texture of the leaflets.

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