Aspidistra Elatior Picturata Nana

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The Aspidistra Elatior Picturata Nana offered is a unique plant from my own propagation. It was obtained by dividing the 100% organically grown mother plant from my own Aspidistra collection. Please note that the mother plant itself is not for sale.

This Aspidistra has been carefully nurtured and not over fertilised to ensure optimum health and robustness. Organic quality has always been prioritised over quantity in its care, and no sprays or brighteners have been used on the leaves to preserve their natural beauty.

The Aspidistra Elatior Picturata Nana has been planted in self-mixed, permeable organic substrate and is recommended not to be repotted for another year. The adult leaves of this plant can reach a length of 50-70 cm. The plant stood in the garden until the first frost days, so it is well hardened off.

This variety is considered the hardiest of the yellow-spotted Aspidistra plants. It is easy to care for and is particularly suitable for semi-shady to shady locations. Direct sunlight should be avoided. In my own care practice, aspidistras stay outdoors between 03 and 11 months. Some varieties can be conditionally hardy down to -5°C.

Aspidistra Elatior Picturata Nana is also cat-friendly as it contains no toxic ingredients, making it a safe choice for households with cats.

Enjoy the beauty and elegance of the Aspidistra Elatior Picturata Nana in your home or office. It is a remarkable plant that will enhance any room and give you years of enjoyment.

You get the plant of the displayed size.