Aspidistra, commonly known as the cast iron plant, is a genus of evergreen, rhizomatous plants belonging to the family Asparagaceae. They are native to Asia and have gained popularity as a popular houseplant due to their hardiness and ease of care.

Aspidistra plants typically have large, dark green, glossy leaves that emerge from a central stem or rhizome. The leaves are lance-shaped and can grow up to two feet long. Some species may have variegated leaves with white or cream-colored stripes. The flowers of the Aspidistra plant are small, bell-shaped and grow at ground level, often hidden by the foliage.

These plants are very tolerant of low light and can thrive in shady areas. They also prefer well-draining soil and can tolerate drought conditions. Aspidistra plants are often grown as houseplants but can also be used in outdoor landscaping, especially in areas with low light and dry conditions. They are also known to be air-purifying and can help to remove toxins from the air.