Aspidistra Vietnamensis Milky Way

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Aspidistra Vietnamensis Milky Way originally from Vietnam; medium-narrow leaves with beautiful yellow dots (hence the name "Milky Way" - like a starry sky on a leaf ...); from own propagation (division of the mother plant - according to the picture - this is not for sale), not over-fertilized therefore robust & healthy (quality before quantity!), planted in self-mixed, permeable organic substrate (it has to be for the next 1-2 years not be repotted), leaf length of the adult plant up to 30-50cm, very easy to care for, very suitable for the partially shaded to shady location (no direct sun, please!); for me the aspidistras are between 03.-11. always outside; some of the plants are conditionally hardy up to -5 / -10; cat friendly; enjoy this still very rare species of Sansevieria - Aspidistra vietnamensis "Milky Way"!

You get the plant of the displayed size.