March 15, 2021


By Tomas Rodak

If you ask me what one of my favourite activities in connection with my plants is, the answer will be quite easy... "Sansevieria re-potting & propagation"

It is always a kind of big surprise to find out what is hidden in the pot... Some of the new side-plants are pretty well developed some of them - once starting re-potting - are still not visible. In Case of this beautifully white coloured SANSEVIERIA TRIFASCIATA MOONSHINE the mother plant made another four side plants within two years.

Now all the new plants are cut off the mother plant, left aside for drying off and being planted afterwards. To keep the bright white colour, the plants need sufficient light; please note that Sansevierias come from Africa, are succulents and pretty much enjoy sun.

What is your experience with Sansevierias? Do you already have them in your (Sansevieria)Collection?