Iresine Herbstii

CHF 25.00
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Bright red leaves with striking red veins are the attraction of this plant, which originates from Brazil. Luckily for us, this tropical plant adapts well indoors, making it a spectacular room accent.

From my head cuttings propagation, not over-fertilised therefore robust & healthy (100% organic quality over quantity!), slow growing, not hardy, suitable for partial shade (no direct sun, please! ); potted in self-mixed permeable organic substrate (repotting only desired in 1-2years); from spring to late autumn (without frost days) the plant is happy to enjoy the fresh air and rain outside (in partial shade); otherwise showering the leaves 1-2 times a month is very good for the plant; enjoy your new red-leaved beauty - "Iresine herbstii"!

You get the plant / plant cutting of the displayed size.