Hoya Carnosa Albo Marginata

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very strong, very well grown cutting from my own Hoya carnosa albomarginata (the first 1-2 neu shoots will come soon), from my own propagation/collection, very beautiful dark green leaves with a cream-white border (pure white leaves can grow out - wonder of nature); with time hanging shoots, not overfertilised therefore top healthy & robust (quality before quantity!), the mother plant (this is not for sale) stands at my place between 04.-11. always outside at the half-shady location without direct sun; not hardy, also suitable for half-shady locations, no direct sun & stagnant moisture, please; planted in the permeable self-mixed organic substrate (repotted only in 2022 desired); much pleasure with your new Hoya carnosa albomarginata!

You get the displayed plant.