Pandanus Amaryllifolius

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Pandanus amaryllifolius is a shrub or small tree (can grow to a height of 1-5m); the trunk can show over time; the trunk forms thick aerial roots; one cross-section of the leaf has the shape of the letter "W" turned upside down; the leaves are arranged in a spiral; from own propagation; 4-year-old plant grown 100% organically from a small seedling in the conservatory; growing very well and naturally, potted in a well-drained, self-mixed organic substrate; repotting not desired until next year (in spring), not overfertilised, therefore robust & healthy (organic quality before quantity!), not winter-hardy. ), not hardy, with time it will become quite vigorous, the plant is intended for a sunny/bright location, from spring to late autumn (without frost days) the plant is happy when it can enjoy the fresh air and rain outside; otherwise 1x a week to shower off the leaves (not the substrate) is very good for the plant; Have fun with your new Pandanus amaryllifolius!

You get the displayed plant.