Sparrmannia Africana

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Sparrmannia africana, also known as "African linden"; native to South Africa; first mentioned by Carl von Linné's son in 1782. The botanical name goes back to the botanist Anders Sparmann. He was a pupil of Carl von Linné and researched plants in South Africa. He discovered the indoor lime and brought it to England. From there it then travelled to continental Europe.

Tree or shrub-like growth; lignified over time; can grow up to 5-7 metres high (in its natural habitat, of course); the diameter of the leaves can be up to 20 cm; the indoor lime tree flowers beautifully in white over the winter from November to May. However, you must not cut it back in spring. If the temperature is constantly cool, the indoor lime tree will flower all year round. For a bright & airy location, which is rather cool at 15 °C to 18 °C. The sun should not shine directly on the plant. Windows on an east or west side are well suited for this. For healthy growth, the humidity should also be quite high.

The indoor lime tree is in full growth between March and September, when you should water it regularly and abundantly. However, make sure that the soil dries out a little between waterings. Otherwise it can become waterlogged. The plant does not tolerate this. The cooler the location, the less you need to water.

We offer plants from our own propagation of cuttings; planted in a well-drained, self-mixed organic substrate (the plant will not need to be repotted in the next 1-2 years), not over-fertilised, therefore robust and extremely healthy (100% organic quality over quantity!); not hardy, easy to care for, light to semi-shady, showering the leaves once a month is good for the plant. Have fun with your new "indoor lime tree" - Sparrmannia africana!

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